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UPCOMING   EVENTS  in  October 2023


SUNDAYS (ongoing)

10 a.m. Meeting for Worship (both onsite and on Zoom)

First, Third and Fifth Sundays of month are "side by side" (no technology at B-Tech)

Second & Fourth Sundays are "blended" (those at B-Tech and on Zoom are connected with each other)


5 p.m. Oakland Quaker Sunday Evening Worship Group

Peter Lin’s house: click here for more information


 (activities below via Meeting Zoom link unless otherwise noted)

Oct 1 (side by side worship)

12:30pm Quakers Today: Accessing the Light in Community (Experiment with Light led by Barbara Birch)

    hosted by Worship & Ministry Committee


Oct 8 (blended worship) Advices & Queries on Meeting for Business (Peace, Earthcare & Social Witness)

     12:30pm Meeting for Worship on the Occasion of Business

Oct 15 (side by side worship)

Following Worship: Summer Social@B-Tech - potluck meal, fellowship & conversation

Oct 22 (blended worship)

      12:30 p.m. Committee Sunday.  Check with your committee clerk for details.

Oct 29 (side by side worship)


WEDNESDAYS (ongoing)

7 a.m. Mid-Week Morning Worship. For information, call Peter Lin 510-530-0479.

This calendar only covers events sponsored or co-hosted by our Meeting, plus Pacific Yearly Meeting's annual and quarterly meetings, as well as Friends General Conference annual session.  Committee clerks may request calendar postings by sending an email to

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