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SUNDAYS (ongoing)

10 a.m. Meeting for Worship (both onsite and on Zoom)

First, Third and Fifth Sundays of month are "side by side" (no technology at B-Tech)

Second & Fourth Sundays are "blended" (those at B-Tech and on Zoom are connected with each other)


5 p.m. Oakland Quaker Sunday Evening Worship Group

 Peter Lin’s house: click here for more information


 (activities below via Meeting Zoom link unless otherwise noted)

June 2 (side by side worship)

June 9 (blended worship) Advices & Queries on Personal Relationships by Events Committee

     12:30pm Meeting for Worship on the Occasion of Business (on Zoom only)

June 16 (side by side worship)

      12:30pm PPR led discussion of first half of movie Origin (see * below for information)

June 23 (blended worship)

    Noon - Meeting for Worship on the Occasion of Frank Satterwhite Celebration of Life (hybrid)

    1pm - Fellowship & Community Potluck: (in person) at Berkeley Technology Academy

June 30 (side by side worship)

*This summer, Power, Privilege, and Race Subcommittee will host two adult ed sessions to discuss director Ava Duvernay’s film “Origin”. The film weaves together author Isabel Wilkerson’s process of writing ofCaste: The Origins of our Discontents, the author’s personal story as a modern African American writer/researcher, and her realizations about structures and strategies used to maintain systems of domination in the US, NaziGermany, and India. We will discuss half of the film at each session.


In advance of the sessions Sundays, June 16 and August 18, Friends need to see “Origin”! We will gather from 12:30-2 pm on each date in Strawberry Creek’s Zoom room to reflect on the film with queries..“Origin” will eventually be available through the Berkeley and Oakland Public Libraries, and currently can be streamed for a fee from


Friends who have not yet read Caste may want to do so, whether before or after the sessions. Pages 99-159 of Caste outline eight “pillars of caste”, Wilkerson’s identification of rationales and strategies for enforcement of caste systems, crucial to understanding her thesis.  

This calendar only covers events sponsored or co-hosted by our Meeting, plus Pacific Yearly Meeting's annual and quarterly meetings, as well as Friends General Conference annual session.  Committee clerks may request calendar postings by sending an email to

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