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The History of

Strawberry Creek Friends Meeting

Based on research by Rachel Findley (a longtime member of Strawberry Creek Meeting), the above excepts are taken from her paper (on the history of Strawberry Creek Monthly Meeting) submitted for a class taken at Earlham College in 2007.

In 1974, Berkeley Friends Meeting began to encourage people with the same postal ZIP codes to come together in neighborhood groups for a more intimate, deeper connection.


The “94705” neighborhood (South Campus Worship Group) included student housing areas near the University campus, as well as single-family houses a bit farther from campus. They found that they really enjoyed each other and their quiet, centered worship together.

Today the Meeting extends far beyond the original 94705 zip code, bringing together over one hundred folks from Richmond, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, and San Francisco.​​

In February 1975, the South Campus Worship Group was approved as a Meeting for Worship, to be held under the care of Berkeley Friends Meeting.


The worship group held its first Meeting for Business (with minutes that have survived) in March 1976 at Quaker Center.


In Fall 1976, the worship group applied to become a Preparative Meeting under the care of Berkeley Friends Meeting, and the request was granted.


In May 1977, the Preparative Meeting made its first State of the Meeting report to College Park Quarterly Meeting.

On October 14, 1979, the Preparative Meeting’s request to become Strawberry Creek Monthly Meeting was approved!


For over forty years, Strawberry Creek Meeting has met in houses or rented facilities.


In 2001, we moved into Berkeley Technology Academy (Berkeley Unified School District), where we still meet on Sunday mornings.

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