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A Quaker Meeting is grounded in silence. It is a silence of expectant waiting, where we open ourselves to the Divine.

In the still of the Meeting, we seek to come nearer to each other and to Spirit.


Our worship is "unprogrammed", which means our Meeting does not have a pre-set schedule of activities during worship. There are no opening hymns or liturgy, selected Scripture readings, or sermon offered by a paid minister. Because Quakers believe there is "that of God" in everyone, Spirit may speak to us through anyone. And so we quietly listen in the silence with an open heart and an attitude of expectant waiting.

Occasionally, an individual will  discern that a message from Spirit  is intended for the gathered Meeting. Anyone is welcome to speak, provided that the message comes from the prompting of the Spirit during the course of the Meeting.

After discernment an individual may rise to share aloud his or her vocal ministry. Vocal ministry is offered in a spirit of worship, not of discussion or controversy. It is meant to focus and deepen the silent worship. Each message is surrounded by silence.

Even if a contribution does not speak to you, it may help someone else. We seek to hear the spirit behind the words.

One of the unique features of a Quaker Meeting is the variety of experience it can embrace. We seek, and often find, peace of mind and a renewed sense of purpose and direction. 

We encourage you to read our brochures on Meeting for Worship* and on Welcoming*.  If you have questions about Quakers, you are welcome to ask the person who closes the Meeting.

* These brochures are available in Spanish:

La Reunion de Adoracion and La Bienvenidos

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