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Unity suggests to us not agreement or sameness of viewpoint,

but a oneness of purpose that instructs our life together.  

And so it is not necessarily completed, but always underway….

We understand there to be an essential aspect of the Ground of Being

that draws us in reverence,

and that our coming together is more than accidental.  

We are called to be people of strong feeling,

to know differences,

and to discover through exploring our diversity or conflicts

a means of truthfully communicating,

in order to reach together toward what is both common and holy.

Strawberry Creek committee on Worship & Ministry (October 1989)


Pacific Yearly Meeting’s book of Faith and Practice describes the beliefs of Friends and the structures and processes of Pacific Yearly Meeting, and its Quarterly and Monthly Meetings. It also explains the spiritual foundation of these processes and of our way of worship.

Testimonies & Minutes
Our Deepest Commitments

Testimonies and Minutes

Minute In Support Of Friends Ugandan Safe Transport Fund (April 2015)
 in response to Ugandan Government's passage of laws targeting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer population. 
Where Our Money Goes

Where Our Money Goes

Community Sharing Fund Minute 
Compiled by Finance Committee
Organizations We Donate To Annually        Compiled by Finance Committee
Funds for Individuals 
Compiled by Finance Committee
What We're Saying

What We're Saying

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